NYPD/FBI Informant and UFC Manager Ali Abdelaziz

EXPOSED: Top UFC Manager’s Wild Story of Espionage & Terrorism

A Hollywood-like spy story has been billowing beneath the surface in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. The remarkable story is told in chapters at the end of this introduction.

The Clarion Project has obtained documents and personal testimony to help unravel the mysterious past of the biggest and most controversial manager in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Ali Abdelaziz. He is best known for managing Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Abdelaziz’s mysterious past includes criminal activity with a terrorism-linked cult named Muslims of the Americas (also known as Jammat ul-Fuqra) and working as a spy for the FBI and NYPD within the group.

A documentary about Jammat ul-Fuqra, or Muslims of the Americas, can be watched here.

MOA is known for its “Islamic villages” across North America, including its 70-acre “Islamberg” headquarters in upstate New York. The group was under federal investigation as of 2017 and likely still is. MOA claims to have 22 such compounds in the U.S.

Our FuqraFiles.com website is a database of information about MOA, including its extremist ideology, links to terrorism and international crime and history of paramilitary training. Our research is based on first-hand testimony and thousands of pages of evidence, photographs and videos. The website has a specific section about the story of Abdelaziz.

We have obtained exclusive photos from when Abdelaziz gathered intelligence on MOA’s “military squad” training. Abdelaziz’s covert relationship with the U.S. government was severed as agents concluded he was untrustworthy.

As the President and Founder of Dominance MMA Management, Abdelaziz’s roster of fighters includes Frankie Edgar, Renzo Gracie, Henry Cejudo, Rashad Evans and a slew of fighters with names reflecting Islamic and/or Central Asian backgrounds. Abdelaziz and his circle have extensive ties to the Russian-backed Islamist dictator of Chechnya.

The story first broke in 2012 when Abdelaziz’s testimony about MOA was included in a book titled Twilight in America by Martin Mawyer. Abdelaziz had approached Mawyer to tell his story, believing it could help prevent his deportation. Abdelaziz later went silent on the issue and refuses to discuss it further.

Then, in 2014, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman released a book titled Enemies Within, which confirmed that Abdelaziz was once a highly-valued spy inside MOA known as Confidential Informant 184.

The story began getting mainstream attention last year when UFC superstar Conor McGregor caused a firestorm at a press conference ahead of his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is managed by Abdelaziz. McGregor insulted him as a “snitch terrorist rat.”

The Clarion Project’s Ryan Mauro and Martin Mawyer have acquired accounts from current and former MOA members, information from law enforcement sources, court filings and declassified reports to shed further light on the story of Ali Abdelaziz.

Below is our detailed expose of the story involving Ali Abdelaziz, MOA and his time as a spy, broken down by chapter. It will be updated as more information becomes available.

  1. Arrival in the U.S. and Entry into MOA
  2. MOA’s Colorado Branch and the Olympic Training Center
  3. The Police Come Onto Ali’s Trail
  4. Abdelaziz’s Associates in Colorado
  5. The Hammer Starts to Come Down
  6. The Strange 9/11 Coincidence
  7. December 18, 2001: Ali Abdelaziz Arrested & Put on Trial
  8. MOA Raises National Security Alarm Bells
  9. Ali Abdelaziz Becomes Confidential Informant 184 to Spy on MOA
  10. Wedding at Islamberg
  11. Mission: MOA’s Islamic Political Party of America
  12. MOA’s “Military Squad” Raises Alarm
  13. White Hawk
  14. Mission: Penetrate the Military Squad’s Training 
  15.  The White Hawk Investigation Suddenly Ends
  16. Mission: MOA’s Overseas Operations
  17. A Strained Relationship
  18. The Spy Game Comes to an End
  19. Abdelaziz Approaches Mawyer
  20. “Modern Warrior Slaves”
  21. “It’s sad. It’s sad to see this in America.”
  22. “They bullshit them. They bullshit them.”
  23. “MOA is Asleep. They are asleep. They are a bomb.”
  24. The Fallout
  25. The Story Continues
  26. See the Evidence