26. See the Evidence

The police reports and court documents regarding Ali Abdelaziz are linked below. 

They can also be found on the evidence page of Fuqra Files, where readers can see primary source documents about the group. There are also photos available from the investigations into MOA’s camps in Colorado and Baladullah. Additional video footage can be found on the Fuqra Files YouTube channel.

Colorado Springs Police Department Reports

June 9, 2001: Ali Abdelaziz (“Alaa Ragb”) & Suspect #2 reported for Home Depot gift certificate fraud using a fraudulent credit card

July 17, 2001: Update on Home Depot gift card fraud: Alaa Ragb Fekry Abdel Aziz identified & Suspect #2 named as Christopher McLemore

July 30, 2001: Victim of stolen credit card used for $8,000 identified as Bonnie Baughn; more details on Home Depot gift card fraud case

August 9-10, 2001: Roommate testimony about Ali Abdelaziz and then-girlfriend, Sabrina Jeffries. Police discover Ali Abdelaziz is posing as Robert Earl Britton. Roommate reports Ali said he has a friend who “makes” credit cards and found fraudulent Social Security cards and birth certificates. Arrest warrant for Ali Abdelaziz issued for forgery and criminal impersonation. 

August 10, 2001 / December 20, 2001: Search warrant for Ali Abdelaziz’s residence executed & discovery of use of “Lillian Husk” and “Robert Britton” IDs; Federal agents interview Ali Abdelaziz about criminal activity and movements in the country after his arrest.

August 12, 2001: CSPD acquires more evidence including a health insurance claim for “Robert Britton” and use of “Lillian Husk” and “Robert Britton” IDs by Ali Abdelaziz and his girlfriend for travel to Egypt on August 2.

August 13, 2001: Details of theft of IDs of Robert Britton & Lawrence Witt; acquiring of restricted substance prescription; link to MOA drug trafficker Tabari Zahir.

August 16, 2001: CSPD found vials of Testosterone and Noranden (a steroid), produced in Mexico, in Ali Abdelaziz’s residence. Olympic Training Center tells police that athletes training there are banned from using such substances.

August 17, 2001: Report about Mohammed Hassan, a former roommate of Ali Abdelaziz’s who was ordered to leave the U.S. in 1997 but remained; information about OTC employee/student Orlando Fuentes, an illegal alien from Mexico linked to Abdelaziz. 

August 21-22, 2001: Mohammed Hassan arrested, lies to authorities about location of Ali Abdelaziz and identity of his girlfriend. Hassan discusses using the ID of “Leonel Gomez Nunez” to apply for a passport.

August 21, 2001: Details about Mohamed Hassan and his multiple names, identifies Ali Abdelaziz as “Alaa Mustaffo” and alternatively refers to him as a friend or cousin. Report states that Abdelaziz impersonated a friend to pose as a U.S. citizen so he could maintain enrollment at OTC as U.S. representative of Egyptian Judo team. Hassan listed OTC as his place of employment and received letter from “T. Abdul” in Oakland, CA.

August 22, 2001: Forgery investigation finds that Lillian Husk is a deceased female from San Juan, Texas and her identity was stolen.

August 22, 2001: Statement from victim Willie George Mores of Colorado Springs. Describes how his wallet was stolen by an Egyptian who demanded his birth certificate and social security card.

August 23, 2001: CSPD report states that Ali Abdelaziz and Mohammed Hassan obtained real and fictitious birth certificates and social security cards and used them to apply for passports.

August 24, 2001: Statement by Matthew Fernando Tuilethfuga, who says Ali Abdelaziz offered him $4,000 to open up checking accounts using the Lillian Husk ID.

August 24, 2001: Application and Affidavit for Arrest Warrant for Alaa (Ali) Ragb Fekry Abdel Aziz for Conspiracy to Commit Forgery & Criminal Impersonation and Accessory to Commit Forgery & Criminal Impersonation

August 27, 2001:  Affidavit for arrest warrant for Ali Abdelaziz for Theft and Unauthorized Use of a Financial Transaction Device

August 28, 2001: Search of Mohamed Hasan’s residence yields discovery of California driver’s licenses in Ali Abdelaziz’s envelope; Victim Willie Mares identifies Mohamed Hasan as the Egyptian who stole his wallet.

September 1, 2001: Police discover that Ali Abdelaziz, Mark Fletcher (alleged accomplice) and Christal Ransom worked at “Celebrity’s” bar. Pending criminal charges for Ms. Ransom for forgery, criminal impersonation and unlawful possession or use of a license. She listed the OTC as her home address and used a fictitious California driver’s license to pose as Christal Skye Eierman.

September 4, 2001: Investigation into an active-duty U.S. Army soldier at Fort Carson and his wife for allegedly using identities from his unit for fraudulent cell phone contracts. Report confirms that Christal Ransom was training at the OTC for Judo and she had dated Ali Abdelaziz until June 2001. Ransom is served with a summons for unlawful possession or use of a license.

September 5, 2001: CSPD detains Bradley Q. Ridges after her opened up cell phone accounts using the “Gary Petty” name. He denies posing as the “Scott Goff” whose cell phone contract was in Ali Abdelaziz’s possession. Ridges says the 2nd cell phone on him belongs to his cousin, Willie Williams at 3rd ACR at Fort Carson. Report says that Ridges opened up “dozens” of cell phone accounts.

September 18, 2001: Sabrina Jeffres’ father, David, tells CSPD that he believes Ali Abdelaziz married her in Cairo. He recalls Ali and Sabrina pressuring him to buy thousands of dollars worth of Home Depot gift cards.

September 27, 2001: CSPD discovers large deposits made by Ali Abdelaziz into the bank account of MOA drug trafficker Tabari Zahir. Large dollar deposits were being made into Zahir’s account in the Colorado Springs area, then withdrawn in California using an ATM card. Federal agencies have begun investigating a possible drug trafficking conspiracy between Ali Abdelaziz, Tabari Zahir and Mohamed Hasan.

October 6, 2001: Sabrina Lakaye Jeffries statement to the CSPD; confirms marrying Ali Abdelaziz in Cairo on August 22, 2001. Jeffries says that Zahir helped cash Ali Abdelaziz’s Home Depot gift cards and used his blue van that Ali used to sell clothing from New York. Jeffries tells the CSPD that she injected drugs into Ali’s buttocks.

October 12, 2001: Evidence that Ali Abdelaziz & Mohammed Hasan stole cable/converter boxes found during search of Abdelaziz’s rented storage garage. Police find boxes of clothing with the Tommy Hilfiger label from New York that he sold on the street. Robert Britton says that his birth certificate went missing when he was helping Ali move from Denver to Colorado Springs. Witness statement from Orlando Estevan Fuentes of OTC, who says U.S. citizenship is required for entering competitions.

October 18, 2001: CSPD report stating that the computer confiscated from Ali Abdelaziz’s storage garage is being examined. Report also documents communication with the cable company that the cable/converter boxes were taken from.

October 19, 2001: CSPD learns that the first stolen cable/converter box was registered to Ali Abdelaziz and one was registered to Melissa M. Boles, a former resident of Colorado Springs.

December 18-20, 2001: Ali Abdelaziz arrested on December 18, says he worked in U.S. to help his poor family in Egypt and needed a false passport to visit his ailing mother. Ali confirms that false IDs are bought from MOA drug trafficker Tabari Zahir in California. Police state that a birth certificate for Winfred Parchment, an associate of Ali, was found in his residence. Parchment was arrested by INS and believed to be involve in cocaine trafficking.

December 18, 2001: Ali Abdelaziz Custody Report on charges of forgery, impersonation, conspiracy, accessory, theft, unauthorized use of a financial transaction device

December 20, 2001: Search warrant of residence yields ammunition, various documents

December 21, 2001: Ali Abdelaziz tells CSPD about another athlete at the Olympic Training Center named “Adam” and involved in “winter sports” is producing phony ID cards.

December 27, 2001: Arrest warrant issued for Ali Abdelaziz’s then-wife, Sabrina LaKaye Jeffries, for false reporting to the authorities and accessory to a crime.

People of the State of Colorado V. Alla Ragb Fekry Abdel Aziz

Court Documents Part One: Defense claims bias against Ali Abdelaziz’s “Arab-Muslim heritage;” Aziz found guilty of 1 count of criminal impersonation in 2003; DA dismisses 1 count of illegal possession of a controlled substance; not guilty of 1 count of criminal impersonation and not guilty of 1 count of forgery of a government-issued document. 

Court Documents Part Two: Not guilty of 1 count of theft; Not guilty of 2 counts of forgery of a government-issued document

Court Documents Part Three: Guilty of 1 Count of Criminal Possession of a Financial Transaction Device; Not Guilty of 1 count of Theft; Not Guilty of an Unauthorized Use of a Financial Transaction Device

Other Documents Related to Ali Abdelaziz

Abdelaziz Booking Photo (December 18, 2001)

Ali Abdelaziz Registration Photo for security-related courses under the auspices of White Hawk Security International Inc, a MOA front

Case Evidence: Abdelaziz Colorado State Identification Card (Issued January 5, 1999) 

Case Evidence: Robert Britton Application for U.S. Olympic Training Center Residency (April 13, 2001)

Case Evidence: Robert Britton Judo Resume

Case Evidence: Ali Abdelaziz U.S. Olympic Training Center Identification Card

Case Evidence: Robert Britton Passport (Issued February 3, 2001)

Case Evidence: Clothing in Possession of Ali Abdelaziz (2001)

Case Evidence: Robert Britton U.S. Olympic Training Center Resident Program Agreement

Case Evidence: Robert Britton Letter of Intent for U.S. Olympic Training Center Resident Program

Case Evidence:  Robert Britton ID Document

Case Evidence: Ali Abdelaziz ID Document

Photos of MOA members who registered for the security training program that Ali Abdelaziz spied on (2005-2006)

MOA members at firing range during their training under the auspices of White Hawk International Inc.

Advertisements for White Hawk Security International Inc. in the U.S. & Trinidad

Photo of Ali Abdelaziz at a MOA outreach event in Binghamton, NY with Hussein Adams and law enforcement (2005)

U.S. Army Files Discussing “Military Squad Training” Involving Ali Abdelaziz