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26. See the Evidence

The police reports and court documents regarding Ali Abdelaziz are linked below.  They can also be found on the evidence page of Fuqra Files, where readers can see primary source documents about the group. There are also photos available from the investigations into MOA’s camps in Colorado and Baladullah. Additional video footage can be found […]

23. “MOA is Asleep. They are asleep. They are a bomb.”

The concern of Ali Abdelaziz about the cult reached a new height in 2009 when something significant happened that would only be properly understood by those familiar with MOA’s apocalyptic prophecies. MOA announced that Gilani had met with a handful of senior MOA officials (called “Khalifahs”) and students (“talibs”) and introduced them to the Hazrat […]

21. “It’s sad. It’s sad to see this in America.”

Sheikh Gilani’s exploitation of women and children is what most bothered him.  The estimates that MOA had 1,500 to 3,000 members was grossly underestimated, he felt. The real number had to be closer to 15,000 when the children are included.  Other sources agreed, mentioning that the number probably doesn’t account for the group’s international expansions. […]

22. “They bullshit them. They bullshit them.”

Ali Abdelaziz lamented the lack of cooperation between the federal, state and local agencies when it came to intelligence-sharing and investigations. This dysfunction, he felt, s part of the reason that MOA is able to get complimentary remarks from law enforcement personnel who are kept in the dark and manipulated by MOA’s public relations campaign. […]

20. “Modern Warrior Slaves”

Ali Abdelaziz summarized MOA as “Modern Warrior Slaves,” loyal cult members ready to do absolutely anything for their Pakistan-based leader, from living a life of a poverty so he can get every dime possible to dying in combat at his request.  He said: “You have to understand this. These kids, all they been living for […]

18. The Spy Game Comes to an End

As Ali Abdelaziz’s relationship with MOA became strained, so did his relationships with the NYPD and FBI. According to Enemies Within, the FBI’s skepticism of Abdelaziz grew after he was detained by the Egyptian authorities. The FBI pressured the NYPD into bringing him to a local FBI office to take a polygraph on April 8, […]

17. A Strained Relationship

Ali Abdelaziz’s relationship with MOA became increasingly strained, decreasing his effectiveness as an informant. MOA-affiliated sources say that many members in New York didn’t like him from the start and that his personality increasingly alienated people, even though Canadian members of MOA like Hussein Adams continued to covet his friendship. A major break happened when […]