Malaysia and Indonesia

MOA stated in 2011 that it was directing its efforts away from Pakistan due to government officials’ “mistreatment” of its members and towards other Islamic countries including Indonesia and Malaysia.[i]

Internal Fuqra/MOA documents seized by law enforcement in 1992 include notes showing that a member named M. Mubarik stayed at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in October 1991. They also found plans for extensive meetings in the country with the International Islamic University, the Islamic Economic Development Foundation, the Islamic Religious Council (Majilis Agama Islam) and the University of Malaysia.

MOA terror suspects were also found to possess a book titled “New World of Islam” by Ustaz Ashaari Muhammade, the leader of a Fuqra-type sect in Malaysia named Al-Arqam. This group, like Fuqra, followed an extremist ideology and set up strict, private Islamic communes where members live a poor lifestyle. It was banned by the Malaysian government in 1994.

[i] Shadzia, Umm. (2011). North American Muslim Journalists Travel Abroad. Islamic Post.

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