“I Was Raised By An Islamist Terror Cult in America”

The Clarion Project published the testimony of a woman who grew up within Jamaat ul-Fuqra/Muslims of the Americas in May 2016.[1]

She agreed to anonymously come forward with her heartbreaking story. We are removing details for her safety. She provided photographs and specific facts that are unavailable in the public square that we subsequently confirmed.

The following is her testimony provided to Clarion Project national security analyst Ryan Mauro; one of the very few first-hand testimonies from someone who was inside Jamaat ul-Fuqra when it committed terrorism under that name:

“I still know many Muslims and I know that Jamaat ul-Fuqra is nothing like them, but there are violent ones who will take issue with what I say and do. They believe you should be killed if you decide not to be Muslim or practice Islam the way they do because, to them, it’s “apostasy,” and that’s a capital offense under Islam. I do believe some of those violent Muslims may attempt to kill me.”

I Was Raised By An Islamist Terror Cult in America





[1] Mauro, Ryan. (2016). Exclusive: I Was Raised by an Islamist Terror Cult in America. Clarion Project. http://www.clarionproject.org/analysis/exclusive-i-was-raised-islamist-terror-cult-america

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