Ghazala Fashions

MOA promotes Ghazala Fashions, an Islamic clothing company. The Ghazala Fashions’ Twitter account likewise promotes MOA-related tweets. The company’s website says it is based in Lahore, Pakistan and has offices in Ottawa, New York and London. The listed Lahore address is in the same area where other Gilani-led organizations have been based. An old Facebook account for the company lists Karachi, Pakistan as its location.

The Islamic Post has reported in 2008 that two female members were going to Lahore, Pakistan to become educated at the International Quranic Open University campus and “to explore business opportunities for merchandising through import and exporting training.”

The article said they would purchase rare items including Kashmiri shawls and clothing and Pakistani Islamic garments and various products from the Sindh region and bring the items back to the U.S. to start a new business.[i]

Ghazala Magazine / Jazmine Magazine

Sheikh Gilani’s wife announced in 1984 that Fuqra/MOA was launching a new magazine for women titled Jazmine. This is the predecessor to a more recent and apparently defunct MOA magazine named Ghazala Magazine.[ii] The managing editor was Syeda Ghazala Shah.

[i] Sanaa, Umm. (2008). Business Students to Explore Pakistani Commerce. Islamic Post.

[ii] The now-defunct website was

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