A MOA video released in 2010 showed a map of states where it had “Islamic villages” at that time. Florida  was listed.

A website apparently affiliated with Fuqra/MOA listed a “Muslims of the Americas Da’wah Center” at 3013 Kevin Street, Tallahassee, FL.[1] A 1988 FBI report identifies Jacksonville as the location of a “jamaat,” or community, belonging to Fuqra/MOA.

One of the items seized by law enforcement during the 1992 raids on MOA sites in Colorado and Pennsylvania is a letter between a mother and her 15-year old son from 1989. The letter mentions living in Tallahassee before moving to the California jamaat.

Another item is an advertisement for a kit for creating social security cards, birth certificates and other forms of identification. The ad says each kit has six photo identification cards. The seller was Cardinal Publishing and it had a PO Box in Jacksonville.

JAMThe Florida branch of Fuqra/MOA may be linked to the Jamaat Al-Muslimeen group in Trinidad. JAM launched a failed coup in 1990 using firearms purchased in Fort Lauderdale and shipped into the country via the Port Everglades.

[1] “MOA Da’wah Center Directory,” n.d. Al-Adaab.org. Accessed August 11, 2016 from: http://www.al-adaab.org/dawah/directory.html

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