Fuqra/MOA’s presence in Alaska dates back to 2009 when the Islamic Post announced the arrival of two of its members in the state, Shuaib and Malika Ahmed, “to establish an independent, self-sufficient, purely Islamic village.” It says this was “initiated” by Sheikh Gilani.[i]

Senior MOA official Hussain Adams said that the organization has a “community” near Anchorage in a deposition in 2014.[ii]

The Fuqra newspaper, the Islamic Post, announced in June 2016 that Gregory “Shuab” Jones of Wasilla, Alaska was elected by the Alaska Democratic Party as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention and was running for the Alaska House of Representatives District 8. The letter of intent form for his campaign lists his name as Gregory Ivan Jones.[iii]

G JonesHis Facebook page shows him and his wife, Maleika, at an event for the United Muslim Christian Forum, Fuqra’s interfaith branch.[iv]

Jones’ Facebook page for his political campaign said he worked recently as a Security and Investigations Professional with ADT Fire and Security.[v] The Islamic Post said he and his wife recently completed the Anchorage Citizens Police Academy and belong to the Anchorage Police and Fire Chaplains Association.

Jones lost the campaign. He briefly ran for Congress in 2018 but dropped out shortly after the Clarion Project released declassified FBI documents confirming that there was a counter-terrorism investigation into MOA in Alaska that zeroed in on one unidentified suspect that matched his description.

The Post article says that Jones was born in Washington D.C. and spent most of his life in South Carolina before moving to Alaska in 2009.

Jones ran for congress in 2018 and dropped out.

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