Jamaat ul-Fuqra/ Muslims of America

 Jamaat ul-Fuqra is a group with about 25 “Islamic villages” across the country that have been historically used for guerilla training and cult-like isolation. After years of committed and being suspected of murders, fire bombings, and threats around the United States and Canada, Fuqra changed their name to “Muslims of America” (TMOA or MOA). After one of their main training camps with numerous illegal firearms and bombs was raided, the group went “underground” and remained undetected leading the Bush (43) Administration to remove Jamaat ul-Fuqra from its list of terrorist groups.


However, they have continued to expand under our noses.  This website is dedicated to providing a comprehensive database.  For background information on what Jamaat ul-Fuqra (or “Muslims of the Americas” aka Muslims of America, Inc. or MOA as it is now called) you can watch this 30-minute special Clarion Project and Ryan Mauro did with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. Clarion Project’s documented profile of Fuqra/MOA’s background can be seen here.

Danger of Anti-Muslim Extremism

Unfortunately, we’ve seen citizens and lay-people take a misguided form of “vigilante justice” into their own hands such as the arsonist who set fire to Omar Mateen’s mosque in Fort Pierce, Florida.  There have also been those who have attempted to attack Fuqra/MOA locations themselves, which Clarion Project strongly condemns.

As you will see, there are countless children living in Fuqra’s remote compounds, of whom we should always remember as they are there without their own consent or choice.  Many of the first hand testimonies Clarion received are from survivors that left the camp or were raised there and abused (or witnessed abuse) as children. This page documents those who have attempted violence against Fuqra and others, and we hope this serves to highlight the illegality of those actions and that doing such places you in the same boat as the criminals you seek out.  Educational databases, such as this one, are to provide comprehensive information to inform the public, but also to be thinking of those living in the conditions without any choice in the matter.