ABC Series on Baladullah Compound in California

(We were not able to get a better copy of this report from 2001. ┬áThe shaking stops around minute 13:00.) Note:┬áThis is segment is part of the news stories that cost Khadijah Ghafur $10,000 as a “vexatious litigant” for filing a frivolous lawsuit against ABC/Walt Disney Corporation for airing the public records and government documents […]

NY Police Complain of Lack of Cooperation from Islamberg, Muslims of America (Approx. 2002)

Muslims of America (MOA) officials from their Islamberg headquarters hold a meeting with the FBI and local law enforcement, where some local police complain about a lack of cooperation from the organization. The speaker, Muhammad Hasib Haqq, deflects as to whether he would report a visiting extremist with possible intentions of committing terrorism, saying he’d […]