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Federal Source: Jamaat ul-Fuqra Still an Active Threat in America

A retired federal source with direct experience in dealing with an American jihadist cult known as Muslims of the Americas (A.K.A. Jamaat ul-Fuqra), says that law enforcement remains “very concerned” about the group’s activity, despite MOA’s proclaimed moderation and supportive comments made by some local sheriffs. Muslims of the Americas (MOA), was know as Jamaat ul-Fuqra (a […]

Fuqra Preparing for Jihad Against Trump

Multiple confidential sources inside of a powerful jihadist group within the United States have informed the Christian Action Network and the Clarion Project that members have been told to arm themselves in anticipation of raids by the Trump Administration. The Pakistan-based spiritual leader of Muslims of America (MOA), Sheikh Gilani, told top MOA officials (known […]