What the Gateway Charter School Case Was About

By Megan L

In the mid-1990’s Khadijah Garfur spearheaded the creation of a non-profit organization named Heritage Development Corporation (HDC).  Out of this foundation came the Gateway Charter Schools in California one was even that was located inside the Jaamat ul-Fuqra being ON THE Baladullah Campsite.  Khadijah Garfur, the leader of HDC and Gateway, was convicted in a California federal court with 11 counts of crime that were connected to the Gateway Charter School.  She was charged with five counts of misappropriating public funds, six counts of grand theft, one count of failing to file a state income tax return and one count of willfully filing a false return.  She was also found guilty of taking more than $500,000 and more than $100,000 which is a felony.  She was sentenced to a total of an unstayed term of 14 years in prison and was ordered to pay restitution of $630,000.

Fuqra members had a front organization called “Heritage Development Corp” in California.  California gives grant money for charter schools that help to educate underprivileged kids.  In California they pay the school money (about $1500) per child enrolled and all charter schools must teach approved public school educational materials.  As it turned out Gateway made up fake students list with names to say they had 800 students in a school.  The school received the money, but then had no student records to show for it.  Additionally, the students they did have were indoctrinated with Islamic theology.

People v Ghafur (2008)