News Reports on Fuqra with Ryan Mauro

Newsmax TV: CAIR Official Denies Fuqra Terror Network in US


Ryan Mauro on Fox Biz: Fuqra Sources Say Group Preparing for Raids Under Trump


“Fox & Friends:” Fuqra Enclave Identified in Texas


“Fox & Friends:” Fuqra’s 22 Islamist Villages in America



“O’Reilly Factor:” Ryan Mauro Lists Fuqra Among 5 Islamist Groups in US


“Kelly File:” Ryan Mauro Shows Islamberg Training Video


Lou Dobbs Praises Clarion Project Work on Fuqra & Other Islamist Groups


“FOX & Friends First:” FBI Docs Say MOA/Fuqra Capable of Terror Campaign


“Fox & Friends First:” Radicalized Enclaves in the West and Fuqra



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