United Muslim Christian Forum Interfaith Allies

The following is a list of individuals who have spoken at events held by the MOA’s interfaith branch, the United Muslim Christian Forum, according to the group’s publications:

  • The United Muslim Christian Forum website’s home page proudly hosted a picture of then-Mayor of Binghamton, Matthew T. Ryan, holding the organization’s sign.
  • The former mayor of Owego, Edward Arrington, also spoke at a UMCF event and was chairman of the Deacon Board of the First Baptist Church in Owego, New York.
  • Professor Diane O’Heron praised the UMCF at events and was/is the faculty facilitator for the UMCF chapter at Broome Community College.
  • Pastor E. Andre Stanton of the Revelation Center spoke at their interfaith events.
  • Professor Dr. Denise Yull of Binghamton University is also listed as a speaker.
  • Father Timothy Taughter of Blessed Sacrament Church in Johnson City spoke at a UMCF event.
  • Rev. Arthur Suggs of First Congregational Church of Binghamton and the founder of the Broome County Interfaith Council has embraced UMCF.
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