THE INVISIBLE WAR: Jihad’s Other Operational Front

By: Ziad Nassar, Founder and CEO of RZ International

While the world chases shadows of terrorist and would be terrorists, it has largely overlooked the real war waged against it. This war involves no bombs or guns, or any violence of any kind. It is fought on the psychological and legal front to undo the societies and communities the Islamists aim to eventually overtake. This is the most dangerous aspect of the conflict and has largely been invisible to the general public, and mostly ignored by the world’s Governments entrusted in protecting the public.

Few remember that the Middle East 40 years ago was dominated by secular political movements divided along socialist and capitalist ideological lines. Islamism was not even a player. The oil boom of the 70s brought Wahabism flush with money into the political arena and slowly changed the landscape. It was unfortunately sold as a best counter to communism.

However, the Wahabi Islamist game plan differed diametrically from the Western end game.

For over 40 years the Islamists, backed by massive funding and support from Oil producing countries have waged a systematic and sustained offensive to transform the world.

Unfortunately, much of the world has not come to terms with the fact that terrorism is merely one tactic of this war. Terrorism cannot be stopped with police action. It is not a law enforcement issue, and cannot be addressed through existing legal frameworks designed to combat criminal activity. Terrorism is a war tactic, not a criminal act. It is also not an enemy that can be defeated. Only an identifiable enemy can be defeated.

Terrorism is a means to an end, and not an end in itself. It is not about the number of casualties as much as it is about the psychological and political effect. As such, even a failed attack is still highly successful if changes the political mindset and actions.  It is often used as a divergence to attract attention away from the real action towards chasing perceived threats in the wrong places and allows the agenda to move forward.

Looking at all the places that have fallen to the Islamists or are still battling the Islamists, a clear trend emerges from the chaos of terrorism, barbarity and violence. It never begins with a declared war by the Islamists. Islamization is never mentioned in the early stages, but only introduced after the collapse of the Governing structure, and in the midst of chaotic struggle. Only then is Islamic rule presented as the clear alternative to the horrors of war. It may be for the whole country or parts of it.

Fear and coercion are the primary tools in latter stages after social disintegration, but all that requires preparation work that sets the stage for acceptance by enough of the population to instill fear in the hearts of others and coerce them into acceptance. It also requires the disintegration of the social structure and the collapse of the legal frame work. This in turn requires a substantial portion of the population to view the existing political structure with such enmity that they seek a clean break.

All conflicts begin under the guise of Civil and Human rights. They begin with “peaceful” demonstrations and opposition, which are unwittingly manipulated by a much more organized and prepared Islamist movement operating in the shadows. The Islamists foment conflict with the authorities to justify violence. Then emerge as the champions and saviors of the tattered massed “under siege” by the “oppressive authorities”.

They simultaneously infiltrate the government structure with well-placed individuals capable of directing policy to allow their unhindered operations.

And, they operate an intensive propaganda program painting Islamism as a peaceful rule that provides the best humane system imagined, such as the portrayal of the “New Moslem Brotherhood” that was sold to the Egyptians and others as a modern day Islamic rule that solves all of society’s problems. Turkye’s Government was sighted as the perfect example. But, now that it has managed to catrate the military that has safeguarded secular rule in the country, the real nature of their ideology is slowly emerging.

Most recently, we have seen the same scenario play out in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Yemen, Etc. And, over the past 40n years, we have seen Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Bosnia, Kossovo, Chechenia, Algeria, Pakistan, and others suffer similar processes. And, many are still struggling to contain the Islamist attack.

The same process is playing out within Western societies, including the US.

Islamists have been busily preparing the ground for decades. They have established hundreds, even thousands, of Radical Mosques that systematically disparage the government and all authorities and teach hatred and distrust to all law and order.

They have dispensed preachers to all the prisons indoctrinating incarcerated prisoners against the system that has “mistreated them” Those criminals, already on the other side of the law find a doctrine that aims to dismantle the system that has incarcerated them extremely appealing.

They focus on distinct groups with an existing grievance that is easily exploitable. In the case of the US, the Black community. Most are purposely not converted to Islam to allow them to maintain the cover of a popular mainstream movement that does not expose the invisible hand behind the action.

These are however indoctrinated into hating the system and all that represents it. They begin opposing all that represents the state. They oppose the flag, the constitution, the anthem, etc. They villainized all law enforcement as criminal racists intent on subjugating them. Those are violent criminals best situated to wreak havoc on society.

The existing schism allows the Islamists to recruit large numbers of people to defend the “mistreated minority”. In the name of defending civil rights and human rights, and in the name of an altruistic objective, even the intellectual elites help pave the way for the disintegration of society.

This is not new. Khomeini was supported by Western powers in name of defeating the tyrant Shah, and stemming the advance of communism. Taliban and Al-Qaida were supported to fight communism. Ridding Iraq and Syria from tyrants, paved the way for ISIS, And so on.

They form a myriad of organizations under the guise of humanitarian work, human rights, civil rights, etc. The vast number of organizations is designed to confuse and disperse any effort to stop them. Although interconnected, the organizations legally operate as separate entities and cannot be confronted collectively without causing an uproar about Islamophobia. When one organization gets tainted, it is quickly dissolved to re-emerge under a different name with the same players.

They use discrimination arguments to get their people into highly sensitive positions such as key advisors to the highest offices, and key positions in law enforcement. Those people are entrusted with changing the process to facilitate the disintegration of the governing system and society as a whole.

They use our liberal open society against us. They use their rights to deny the rights of the majority. And, in presenting their case as a defense of “real” grievances, they gain the support of a large segment of the population that incapable or unwilling to see past the headlines.

Their propaganda aims to make the majority embarrassed of who they are. It has become almost a taboo to speak of Whites or Christians in this country. It is considered racists and xenophobic. We are denounced for saying Merry Christmas.

Even a legitimate complaint about the behavior of any individual who may be Moslem or black has become a taboo. Any opposition to Obama policies are immediately labeled racists.

The USA is already at a well advanced stage in this process. A majority of the black community and a substantial number of the liberal intellectual already view law enforcement as racist and untrustworthy. They openly support all forms of denouncements of the very essence of the nation.

It is now perfectly acceptable and defensible for black soldiers to refuse to stand for the flag and anthem. This would have been an act of treason worthy a swift court martial only a few years ago. Today, it is their civil right to disobey the very oath they took when they joined the military.

Society is already solidly divided and the schism is widening with every violent demonstration. Demonstrations are getting more violent and lasting longer. Law enforcement is on the retreat fearful of controlling the streets and avoiding patrols in certain neighborhood.

This is leading to the creation of safe havens to foment more hatred and discourse. The general population, originally opposed to the violent few, will begin to feel abandoned by the authorities, and slowly migrate towards the forces that rule the streets. Others will simply acquiesce to those forces out of fear. An army of opposition begins to form, all still under the guise of black movements with historic grievances that have not been met.

Unable to respond without being labeled racists, the majority loses the ability to counter the trend.

The Islamists are providing a supportive role that projects them as the good guys defending the people’s civil rights. Any mention of Islamist support is in itself labeled hateful xenophobia and Islamophobia. In this way, using the religion as cover for political action. The Islamists portray themselves as another oppressed minority empathizing with the blacks, which puts them in a perfect position to control and manipulate the process.

On the other side of the divide, White America begins to fear what it sees. There too the actual racists will gain credence, and begin to arm themselves in anticipation, justified by fear. That simply re-enforces the racial argument and further enables the manipulation.

It only takes a small violent and armed minority of the population to disrupt the lives of the whole nation. The peaceful majority become accidental victims of the conflict, as is the case in every other country.

While Islamists are not yet close to transforming America into and Islamic state, they are close enough to disrupt the nation to the point that we are no longer capable of acting on the international stage. The intent is to get the US so fearful of internal conflict that it does not take a stand against the Islamist, and even go as far as protecting or supporting them elsewhere.

We already see it in the Obama administration. Secretary of State Kerry is threatening military action against Russia and Syria to prevent them from defeating the Islamists.

Our Governments sets the moral and human rights bar so low for Islamic societies, when it accepts abuses in these countries that will never be tolerated in ours, which insults the general population and turns the general sentiment against us

Internally, the Government refuses to even use the word Islamist. Islamist attacks in the US are framed within the issue of Gun Control, diverting attention from the war at hand and making look like a mainstream crime, while the sponsors of the attacks continue to have their days at Government offices.

Law Enforcement is prevented from any mention of Radical Islam and forced to scrub their data bases from any such words. Monitoring radical organizations is forbidden, and considered discriminatory and unlawful.

Thus, they are allowed to build and maintain training camps throughout the country.

And, the process continues.

The game plan is to weaken and paralyze the West, and gain concession to the rise of Islamist states elsewhere, gaining power and leverage. Simultaneously increasing the numbers of Islamists in the West to eventually gain enough momentum and with the support of the strengthened Islamic states elsewhere eventually take over.

Our saving grace so far has been the resistance of the majority of Moslems to the Islamists. However, the well-financed apparatus is changing the outlook of an increasing number of the new generation.

This is a long-term war. The Islamists have clearly stated that they are willing to wait 00 years to win this war. The fact they have not yet succeeded does not mean they have been defeated.

If we reach the point where fear of the Islamists outweighs the drive for freedom, that Moslem majority firewall collapses. If our societies are already weakened, paralyzed, divided and deeply penetrated, the war is lost.

It is this insipid undercurrent that must be countered and defeated. Terrorism as a violent manifestation of this war will fade with it. Islamist organizations opposed to basic tenants of Western civilization should not be allowed to operate. Hateful preaching must be terminated immediately.

In our fight against communism, we did not focus only on the military and espionage portion of the conflict. We banned all communist teachings and organization. We prevented their propaganda machines from reaching the poor who are susceptible to their ideology. Had we allowed communists to preach their ideology freely under the aegis of Free Speech, the world would look quite different today.

Islamists are no less dangerous to our way of life. The fact that they take a religion as their guiding principle should not grant them the unhindered ability to destroy our culture and way of life.