Testimony by Fuqra Member “John Doe”

“John Doe” is the pseudonym of a long-term member of Fuqra/Muslims of America (MOA) who is intimately familiar with top leaders and various camps. He is a Muslim and has turned against the organization because of their cultish beliefs, abuse and illegal activity that he believes violates the tenets of Islam.

He was interviewed for hours and hours over a period of roughly one year by Martin Mawyer, the President of the Christian Action Network and author of Twilight in America and Professor Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project.

His testimony has been verified and certain details have been removed out of safety concerns. Most individuals affiliated with MOA who have turned against the group will not tell their stories publicly.

Former members or current dissenters are encouraged to contact us to tell us their stories, privately or for publication. Below is his story, written with our assistance from hours of interviews and approved by him for release:








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