Source Close to Fuqra Describes Taliban Type Rule

In 2014, Clarion Project National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro communicated with a Muslim who had/has relatives inside Fuqra/MOA, at the communes in New York and Michigan.

The source is unconnected to the other Fuqra/MOA sources mention on this website.

The source said that one female relative left the organization because its “Taliban-like” rule and a belief that it is a cult that is damaging to Islam. The source said he and her had their lives threatened for speaking poorly of the organization.

He said that multiple relatives had received guerrilla warfare training like that seen in the videotape obtained by Mauro showing women getting such instructions at the “Islamberg” headquarters in New York. The source said that such training continues to happen.

No further detail would be provided by the source due to fears for the safety of himself and his loved ones.

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