Other MOA/Fuqra Fronts

786 Security

Located in Brooklyn, NY, the Internal Revenue Service raided 786 Security in 2003 for tax evasion for $1.5 million in new sales from one source according to the owner.  The registered owner, a known Fuqra/MOA official, said the IRS accused him of owing $300,000 in federal, $40-50k in state taxes.  Also in 2003, two guards were arrested.

Same address as Security 92, Inc. (a security guard and patrol service company that has forty-five members), 786 Security is associated with Dagger Investigative Services, Watchdog Securities, and Mills Security.

Article by: Megan L.

Ahle Bayt Foundation International

Sheikh Gilani identifies himself as the President of the Ahle Bayt Foundation International.[1]


American Muslim Action Committee

The only known mention of this entity is in the January 1992 issue of MOA’s newspaper, then named Islamic Observer. It appears in an article requesting donations from readers for the entity to assist the five MOA members arrested for the plot to bomb two targets during the 1991 Hindu Festival of Lights event in Toronto.


American Muslim Medical Relief Team

AMMRT is the international humanitarian wing of MOA. Members travel to Pakistan and Kashmir as members of this entity.

MOA says AMMRT “rapidly mobilizes, coordinates, and deploys trained medical doctors, nurses and professionals to provide disaster relief services, medical care, and financial assistance to those suffering from catastrophes in any part of the world.”[2]


Hizbullah (Al Almiya)

Sheikh Gilani’s Hizbullah organization, not to be confused with the Shiite Hezbollah terrorist group backed by Iran and Syria, was formed in June 1979 by the Quranic Research Institute he led.

Gilani’s “Victory Letter” declaring that Muslims are obliged to wage jihad against Russian forces in Afghanistan was signed by “Hizbullah (Al Almiya)” in Mian Mir, Lahore, Pakistan, where Gilani was based.


International Dawah Centre

A Quranic Open University letter to President Bush in 1990 states that it has an “International Dawah Centre” in the United States and in Muree, Pakistan.


International United Muslim Forum

MOA announced the formation of this political coalition at its first annual International Islamophobia Conference in Albany, New York on November 22, 2015.

Islamic Research and Educational Society

MOA documents state that the Islamic Research and Educational Society was the predecessor and “parent body” of the Quranic Open University. It was founded in 1975 and supposedly operated independently in many countries. Sheikh Gilani conducted his psychiatric research in Saudi Arabia under the auspices of this group.


Muhammad Commandos

Documents seized by law enforcement from MOA members in 1989-1992 refer to a secret sub-group of militants called the “Muhammad Commandos.” The members studied guerilla warfare and terrorism.[4] The captured files refer to “Sector 5” of the Muhammad Commandos, indicating that it had at least five units in different locations.

One set of notes about the Muhammad Commandos from November 1983 says, “They fight in His cause, so they kill others and are killed.”

Another document refers to intelligence-gathering and protecting sensitive information. It refers to Sector 5’s efforts to obtain certain information that “our enemies would like to have.”


Muslim Scouts of America

MSA is MOA’s equivalent of the boy scouts. MOA says it was “established to provide young men with Islamic educational programs; recreational activities; sporting events; and community volunteer opportunities that build a civic-minded American Muslim man who is active in the betterment of his community and society at large.”[5]

MOA sources say that this group is sometimes referred to as “Muslim Rangers” and its events have been used in the past for military-type training and instruction.

Muslim Veterans of America

MOA says this sub-group consists “of veterans who have proudly served America in the present and in the past.”[6]

Quranic Research Institute

The Quranic Research Institute is the publisher of Sheikh Gilani’s book, Futuhat-i-Muhammadiyah (Muhammadan Revelations) in the 1980s. Its address is listed as 25 Mian Meer Road in Mian Meer, Lahore, Pakistan.

The Quranic Research Institute founded an international organization led by Gilani named Hizbullah (Al-Almiya) to fight Soviet and communist forces in Afghanistan.

Society for the Prevention of Oppression and Cruelty Against Muslims

The only known mention of this entity is an issue of MOA’s newsletter in the 1980s. It says this group was formed to wage an “unprecedented campaign” to ensure the rights of oppressed Muslims in the West.

The article announcing its formation predicts that some Muslims will “misuse” the organization to engage in criminal activity, but “we condemn violence in the name of Islam everywhere.”

Zavia Books

Zavia Books, MOA’s publishing house that sells their materials, contains very few non-MOA publications. However, it does offer The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam by Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, the radical spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and accused financier of Hamas. [1]

MOA’s promotion of this extremist text as an “Islamic reference” is an irreconcilable contradiction with its claims to be opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism. Qaradawi is the chairman of the Union of Good, a network of charities that the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned in 2008 for covertly financing Hamas.[2]

Qaradawi is considered one of the most influential supporters of terrorism in the world. He preaches in support of violent jihad, particularly for the sake of destroying Israel. In 2009, he said that Hitler and the Holocaust was a “divine punishment” from Allah upon the Jews for their “corruption.” He then said, “Allah willing, the time will be at the hand of the believers.”

He also stated his desire to die in the “land of Jihad and resistance, even if in a wheelchair. I will shoot Allah’s enemies, the Jews. And they will throw a bomb at me, and thus, I will seal my life with martyrdom.”[3]

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White Hawk Security Inc. Int’l

whitehawk Jamaal M. Johnston founded White Hawk Security International, INC. in March of 2001.  One address to the business is located in a known Muslims of the Americas compound located in Meherrin, Virginia.  White Hawk Security International, INC offers various forms of security including security management and security systems.  Furthermore, they offer various training classes such as DCJS Training and concealed to carry permit classes.

redhouse-roadJohnston is linked to several other businesses such as, WHSI Consulting, Noble Falcon Protection Services, Security Guard Service Investigation and Design Security Systems, and Security Operations Services.  Furthermore, Johnston is a member of the Muslims of the Americas compound in Meherrin, Virginia.

WHSI Consulting

WHSI Consulting is known to the state of Virginia as a fictitious name.  The name of the business links back to White Hawk Security International, INC, which was founded by Jamaal M. Johnston in 2001.  Some places match an address located in the known Muslim of the Americas enclave located in Meherrin, Virginia.


 Red Hawk Transportation

Red Hawk Taxi and Shuttle Service is in Hesperia, Ca and was owned by Nate Lavender.  The company is connected to Red Hawk Transportation,  possibly the same company, just has different names.  Red Hawk Taxi had a revenue of $35,000-$55,853 with only one employee, Mr. Laveneder.

Red Hawk TaxiRed Hawk Transportation was mentioned in a Naval Crime Investigator Service report from 2003 in reference to activity at the United States Naval Air Station Lemoore in Lemoore, Ca.  There were sightings of the red and white taxicab that was driven by a driver from this company that was seen in the vicinity of Lemoore Naval Air Station and may have dropped a sailor off at the location but there are no records of it except the sighting.

Article by: Megan L.

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