In July 1983, a hotel in Portland was bombed by Jamaat ul-Fuqra member Stephen Paul Paster. The hotel was owned by an Indian cult leader named Baghwan Rajneesh, whose cult and “Rajneeshpuram” compound in Oregon was the subject of the hit Netflix documentary, “Wild Wild Country.” Unfortunately, the film framed the bombing as having been perpetrated by anti-immigrant bigots who feared the Rajneesh cult.

Before Fuqra’s bombing, a death threat was called into the Rajneesh hotel, giving the impression it would be targeted by anti-Rajneesh activists in the area. Three members of Fuqra, including Paster, then spent time with the Rajneesh using aliases as part of their preparation for the attack. Paster set off three pipe bombs on the fourth floor of the hotel and was injured.


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