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NC_StateIconFuqra/MOA has a compound in North Carolina and a significant presence in Charlotte. One of Sheikh Gilani’s sons and possible successor, Sultan, lives in Charlotte according to MOA social media postings.

A MOA video released in 2010 showed a map of states where it had “Islamic villages” at that time. North Carolina was listed.

The MOA presence in NC dates back to at least 1987 when the Quranic Open University, a section of the MOA, held the group’ first annual Muslim Girls Camp. A letter to attendees from Sheikh Gilani claims that there are over 5,000 Churches of Satan that perform human sacrifices in the United States.

The letter says that Western society dishonors women and mocks the notion of “equal rights.” Gilani taught that Western systems are “geared to oppress all anti-European cultures and Islamic jamaats in U.S.”

MOA documents seized by law enforcement during raids on MOA sites in Colorado and Pennsylvania in 1992 found that the Quranic Open University’s Dawah Division listed its U.S. headquarters as being at the Dawah Center and Publications, 3608 The Plaza, Charlotte, N.C. The international headquarters was listed as being in Lahore, Pakistan.

The Colorado branch of MOA that was linked to extensive criminal and terrorist activity had links to North Carolina. Captured letters show that the Quranic Open University office in Colorado Springs frequently sent letters back and forth to Ahoskie, N.C.

The Islamic Political Party of America, a MOA front, is active in the state. Its most active spokesperson is Jibril Hough, the president of the N.C. chapter. He said in 2004 that the chapter has about 100 members.[1] He is also a spokesman for the Islamic Center of Charlotte.

[1] Jasser, M. Zuhdi. (2010). “AIFD Briefer: Connecting the Dots of Islamism—Jibril Hough, The Islamic Political Party of America (IPPA) and the Jamaat Al-Muslimeen (JAM). American-Islamic Forum for Democracy.

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