Fuqra Bans Visitors: An Instance Of “No-Go” Mandates

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  • Fuqra Bans Visitors: An Instance Of “No-Go” Mandates
mahmoudberg1Mahmoudberg is a Muslims of the Americas compound located in a wooded area near Sweeney, Texas.  Members of the village date back to late 2001 when members of the community moved into the compound.  Some believe the compound is between seven to ten acres, but according to a local resident, the village could be closer to 25 acres and could date back to 1980’s.  Act for America Houston (ACT) has come into contact with the members of the Fuqra/MOA members several times.  On each occasion, the MOA members were private and at one point, ACT was given an ultimate notice to stay away from the members even though ACT was not trespassing.

“It seemed very threatening.”

Although it is common for locals of the area to target practice or participate in hunting, according to the laws regulations, many locals reported to ACT members about gunfire and shell sightings.

Picture of “Private Property” No Trespassing Sign in “no-go” Fuqra zone

One member is reported to be a police officer and another formerly drove trucks in Kuwait for the United States Army.

Further investigation into the compound revealed that a resident of the village was a former member of the “Baladullah” enclave located outside of Badger, California.  Members of Mahmoudberg worship at MOA Dawah Ceneter in Houston, which has been linked to First Muslims of Texas.  Likewise, other organizations such as the American Muslim Ladies Club, which was founded by Sheikh Gilani and Muslims of the Americas are associated with Mahmoudberg.

By Shelby K.