MOA members who attended the security training program that Ali Abdelaziz spied on

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  • MOA members who attended the security training program that Ali Abdelaziz spied on
The Muslims of the Americas (MOA), formerly known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra, has a history of acquiring training, weaponry, intelligence and funding by operating through security-related companies. For example, MOA-run security firms and other front businesses were critical for MOA’s terrorist activity, militant training and various criminal activities that resulted in the 1992 raid on its 101-acre training camp in Colorado.

Below are pictures taken of one group of MOA operatives who received training as security personnel in 2005-2006 under the auspices of White Hawk Security International, Inc., which is one of many MOA fronts. Ali Abdelaziz, then an informant for the FBI and NYPD, provided intelligence about this round of training for 8 key members representing 6 MOA communes. These trainees then helped oversee sensitive MOA operations in their areas of residence at the time.

According to sources aware of the federal investigations into MOA and White Hawk Security International specifically, information acquired from these training sessions was discovered in the possession of terrorists overseas, specifically in Pakistan and Iraq.

The MOA members and the “Islamic villages” (private communes/camps) they represented at the time are as follows:

  1. Ihsan Abdullah, from the “Islamberg” headquarters of MOA in New York. There is a 2nd camp next to “Islamberg” named “Maryamville.”
  2. Uthman Abdul Aziz, from the “Mian Mir” camp in Coldwater, Michigan.
  3. Faruq Baqi, from Fresno, California, where MOA maintained a presence despite the abandonment of their “Baladullah” camp in California after MOA’s charter school scam in the state was uncovered. Faruq Baqi’s mother, Khadijah Ghafur, was arrested in 2004 and convicted for her role in overseeing the scam, which funneled taxpayer money to Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan. This branch of MOA also infiltrated military bases in California by working as contractors.
  4. Jahad Mumin Fatihah, from the “Madinah Village” in Commerce, Georgia.  The state has at least one other MOA commune named “Aliville” near Jesup and Odum.
  5. Jamaal Johnston, the leader of White Hawk Security International and a member of MOA’s “Ahmadabad East” camp in Meherrin, Virginia. There is at least one more camp in Virginia, “Ahmadabad West,” in Red House.
  6. Muhammad Yasin Malik from the “Madinah Village” in Commerce, Georgia.
  7. Ramadan Sayeed Shakir from “Islamville” in York County, South Carolina. He has served as the “mayor” of the commune.
  8. Derrick Vaughn from the “Madinah Village” in Commerce, Georgia.


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