Khalifa Muhammad Hussein Adams

10271158_gMuhammad Hussein Adams lives in the Muslim compound known as “Islamberg,” which is located in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York.  Adams was given the title of Khalifa, also translated as Calipha, which is given to those who defend the Muslim religion according to the Koran.  Furthermore, a Khalifa implements rule and punishments as well as provides their armed forces with required weapons.  During a video, recorded during a tour of Islamberg in 2010, it was noted that although Khalifa Hussein Adams is not only a strong member of the community, but also the leader of the Islamberg, which was found by El Sheikh Sayed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani.  Huessin Adams is considered the Chief Executive of the Muslims of the Americas also known for his leadership role as the chief executive of the Muslims of the Americas, which was also founded by Sheikh Gilani.  Likewise, the headquarters for Muslims of the Americas is located on the Islamberg compound.

Khalifa Hussein Adams spoke about Islamberg in July of 2015 during an interview with CBS News.  Adams reaffirmed during the interview that the individuals living on the 70-acre compound in the Catskill Mountains, were second and third generation Americans fleeing to Islamberg from large cities.   He also affirmed that the individuals who live in Islamberg practice the Islamic faith under the direction of Sheikh Gilani.

slideKhalifa Hussein Adams is also a chairperson for the United Muslim Christian Forum (UMCF) and is often the honorable guest speaker at many of the events held by the UMCF.  The UMCF was also founded on the direction of Sheikh Gilani.  In Adams opinion, the Muslims of the Americas are true Muslims.

By: Shelby K.