Kashmiri American Friendship Society

KAFS was/is a MOA entity used to build support for the Pakistani and Kashmiri cause against India.

An issue of the MOA’s newspaper from the 1990’s refers to a specific location called the Kashmiri American Friendship Society Center. It said that Suhir A. Ahmed handled the organization’s fundraising. The newspaper documents its holding of an event that included speakers from several mosques including the Islamic Center of Bootan in New Jersey, the Maki Mosque in Brooklyn and the Kashmiri Center of New York.

Although the organization is officially focused on Kashmir, it participated in a rally for Bosnian Muslims in the 1990s that the MOA’s newspaper reported on. It featured MOA Khalifa Yahya Karim, who said that the U.S. endangers its homeland security by not intervening on behalf of Muslims in Bosnia, Palestine, Kashmir, Sri Lanka and elsewhere.

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