Ikhwanul Muslimun

The Islamberg land was originally linked to a non-profit named Ikhwanul Muslimun, meaning “Muslim Brotherhood.” It was registered as a church on the property in 1974 and MOA leaders were named on its paperwork. It is unclear whether this is a direct link to the Muslim Brotherhood movement, but it is unlikely that such a name would be used for any reason other than affinity for the well-known Islamist movement.[i]

The person who registered Ikhwanul Muslimun on the land that became Islamberg was contacted by the Clarion Project’s Ryan Mauro in April 2012. He said that the entity was inactive and set up a time when African-American Muslims were struggling to form their identity. He said that the organization was now the United Muslim Christian Forum, the name of MOA’s interfaith branch.

[i] For more information on MOA’s links to the Muslim Brotherhood, see the section of this website about MOA’s links to other Islamist groups.

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