District of Columbia

dcimageFuqra/MOA has been active in Washington D.C. through a front named the Kashmir American Friendship Society. The organization has been primarily involved in protests against India and has been used as a conduit for MOA to send members and material to Pakistan and Kashmir.

A 1988 FBI report said that MOA had a “jamaat,” or community of members, in Washington D.C. Convicted MOA terrorist Edward Flinton testified that a MOA instructor going by the name of “Doorsman” held “pseudo-military” classes in Washington D.C.

The Kashmir American Friendship Society held a rally protesting the treatment of Muslims in Bosnia in the 1990s. MOA member Khalifa Muhammad Yahya A. Karim said at the event that the U.S. endangers its homeland by not intervening in Bosnia, Palestine, Kashmir, Sri Lanka and elsewhere for Muslims.

The current leadership and home base of KAFS is not stated anywhere. Suhir A. Ahmed was the long-time executive chairperson in the 1990s. Another leader was Khadijah Ghafur, a senior MOA official who was later convicted of overseeing a massive charter school scam that is believed to have defrauded the California state government of $3 million. It is believed that Ghafur funneled money from the scheme to Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan.

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