Congressman Mick Mulvaney (R-SC)

Rep. Mulvaney visited the “Islamville” compound in York County, S.C. in December 2015 and declared he was “looking forward to dispelling the rumors” about the site. The meeting was pre-arranged and lasted 90 minutes.

He said, “I can tell people now I have been there and, no, there is not a terrorist camp or any threat in York County” and “This is a group of law-abiding American citizens who are practicing their faith and I saw no reason for anyone to see a threat.[6]

“There are plenty of things that present challenges to our national security that we need to be concerned about—from a porous southern border to our visa waiver program—but the community in York certainly doesn’t seem to be one of them,” he wrote on Facebook.

MOA proudly promoted his comments on social media and in their newspaper, showing a picture of Rep. Mulvaney standing side-by-side with Islamville officials.[7]

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[7] South Carolina Congressman Visits Muslims in Holy Islamville. (2015). Islamic Post.

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