Bellevue, Washington Triple Homicide (Rafay Family)

Dr and Mrs Rafay and daughter murdered. Blunt force trauma.  Son, Atif Rafay and his friend, Sebastian Burns, discovered the bodies.  WA Police allowed them to go back to Canada after there was no link tying the boys to the murders.  Canadian investigators suspected some drug lord put a hit out on the Rafay Family (since Dr Rafay was Canadian citizen). Back In Canada, Canadian special investigators created a RIDICULOUS rouse and story pretending to be drug lords to elicit confessions for the murders from the boys and still the boys were like “there was no evidence… what are you talking about? We didn’t do it” – the Boys’ defense always suspected that a “radical islamic group” was targeting Dr Rafay.

“A shawl found over Mrs. Rafay’s head was placed there after her death.” (2/10/04RP 211; 2/11/04RP 8-10, 27, cited in 2007 WA App. Ct. Briefs LEXIS 1657, *31-32) (emphasis added)

“[police] could not rule out the possibility there were more than two people in Dr. Rafay’s room when he was killed. 2/12/04RP 154.”

Murder weapon likely aluminum baseball bat

“The trial court excluded evidence that the murderers had a religious motive to kill the Rafay family. BUT Shortly after the murder of the Rafay family, Douglas Mohammed contacted the Bellevue Police to report that members of a violent Muslim faction may have been responsible for the murders of the Rafay family. This faction believed those who disagreed with their interpretation of the Koran should be killed, including Dr. Rafay. Mohammed said one member of the group was nervous and [*154] asked Mohammed if he had seen the baseball bat he normally kept in his car. At the time of the tip, the police had not yet even determined the murder weapon was a bat. Mohammed had provided reliable information to the FBI in the past. 8/5/03RP 71-74, 150-53; 8/6/03RP 6-9, 13-15; 11/19/04RP 28-30; 12/8/04RP 8. (emphasis added)

“At the same time, Seattle Police Department officials informed the Bellevue detectives that the murders may have been associated with a radical Islamic group known as al Fuqra, which was known to murder those with whom it had religious differences. Al Fuqra was suspected in criminal activity throughout the United States, including a triple homicide in Tacoma and bombing in Seattle. 57 1CP 109, 117-18, 123-24. [*155] The Rafay family was Muslim, and they had previously lived in Canada and Pakistan. Ex. 78 at 3; 2/23/04RP 16-18, 20-22, 105; 3/11/04RP 60, 65-66, 80. Bellevue police detectives admitted they did not investigate the information provided by Mohammed or follow up to determine if Dr. Rafay was a target of any extremist groups. 8/5/03RP 159-63; 8/6/04RP 10-12, 69, 76-78. Nevertheless, the trial court excluded all of the information provided by Mohammed or the Seattle Police Department tip concerning al Fuqra. 11/19/04RP 61-63; 1/14/04RP 192-96; 5/4/04RP 114-15. The court eventually permitted Sebastian to question Bellevue Detective Thompson about his investigation of a religious motivation for the killings, but Sebastian was barred from questioning him about Mohammed or al Fuqra. 5/12/04RP 66. Thus, all the jury heard was that Detective Thompson talked to friends and relatives of the Rafay family who mentioned splits in the Muslim community. 5/12/04RP 72-76. (This is likely why Dr. Rafay, a prominent reformist Muslim man was murdered by Fuqra/MOA.) 

Dr. Rafay was a prominent member of his community as a co-founder and president of the Pakistan-Canada Friendship Association. 3/11/04RP 92-93. An engineer, Dr. Rafay had participated in the discovery that North American mosques [*156] were not correctly facing Mecca. This discovery faced some resistance as it required redirection of mosques and supplicants in this continent. 3/11/04RP 88-91. Thus, the Bellevue Police should not have discounted militants’ interest in Dr. Rafay.” (v2007 WA App. Ct. Briefs LEXIS 1657, *152)-(Footnote from Court Doc: “An Anti-Defamation League report prepared in 1993 shows what was then known about al Fuqra, a violent, extremist sect headed by a Pakistani but active in Canada and the United States. Anti-Defamation League, ′′Al-Fuqra Holy Wars of Terror (1993). Al Fuqra members were suspected of and/or connected to violent activity throughout the United States and Canada, including the Pacific Northwest. Moderate Muslims were among the group’s targets. Id. at 5, 9. Available at

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