Colorado Raid Photo Gallery

On October 8, 1992, authorities rated the 101-acre Jamaat ul-Fuqra (also known as Muslims of America) camp in Buena Vista, along with two MOA safehouses in Colorado Springs and two in Williamsport, PA. The operation followed a raid on a storage locker in Colorado in 1989 that yielded evidence of terrorist operations.

Seven Fuqra members were charged: James D. Williams, the leader of the Colorado branch of Fuqra, Vincent Rafael Pierre, James L. Upshur, Edward Ivan McGhee, Chris Childs, Edward Flinton and Curtis Baylor.

The following are pictures of evidence confiscated during the 1989 raid of a storage locker used by Fuqra, evidence from the raids in 1992,  surveillance photos taken by Fuqra operatives in preparation for possible attacks and pictures of the 101-acre camp taken by law enforcement.  See this website’s section on Colorado for more information.


Poster used for target practice
Poster used for target practice. Fuqra labeled the figure, “FBI Anti-Terrorist Team.”
Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, the leader of Fuqra/Muslims of America. He went back to Pakistan before the 1992 raids. He denied knowing about any of the activity by the Colorado Fuqra when interviewed by Chaffee County Undersheriff David Bowers.
Document published by the Quranic Open University, the “educational” wing of Fuqra/Muslims of America. During the trial of Fuqra members for the 1991 bomb plot in Toronto, Canadian prosecutors said that QOU was used as a front for terrorism, with operatives using awarded degrees and educational terminology as codewords for planning operations.

























Surveillance photo of Imam Rashad Khalifa’s mosque in Tucson, Arizona prior to the attack.
1984 surveillance photo of a Hare Krishna community center
Books useful for terrorist and covert operations that were found during the raids.


Picture of Fuqra members at the Colorado camp


The storage locker that was used by Fuqra and raided by authorities in 1989.

































Photos from the raid on the Trout Creek Pass camp

Weapons and explosives material hidden inside a covered tunnel
A hidden handgun is on the ground to the left.







Mugshot of Fuqra bombermaker Steven Paul Paster, who later escaped to Pakistan and continued working with Sheikh Gilani.


Weapons, explosives equipment, surveillance photos and instructional material found inside the storage locker used by Fuqra in 1989.


Pictures of the 101-Acre Camp at Trout Creek Pass, Near Buena Vista, CO







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