Colorado Raid Documents

Firearms instruction document in possession of Colorado Fuqra


Investigative file into Vincente R. Pierre’s identity fraud and workers’ compensation claims


Documentation of Vincente R. Pierre lying about injuries in order to fund Fuqra with workers’ compensation claims


Colorado investigators’ explanation of problems with workers’ compensation fraud and abuse


Colorado investigators’ explanation of common workers’ compensation fraud schemes


Document found in Fuqra’s possession mentioning a book by Rashad Khalifa, a controversial Muslim preacher who was murdered in Arizona in 1990. Fuqra is believed to be responsible.


Fuqra’s handwritten notes during surveillance of Imam Rashad Khalifa (1)


Fuqra’s handwritten notes from surveillance of Imam Rashad Khalifa (2)


Fuqra’s list of military installations in Wyoming


Page in a phone book with notes, in possession of Fuqra


Fuqra’s surveillance notes in preparation for murdering Imam Rashad Khalifa in Arizona in 1990
Newspaper article found in Fuqra’s possession about the murdering of three people in Tacoma, Washington in 1984. Fuqra’s involvement was suspected. 


Addresses used by Fuqra operative James L. Upshur Jr. while filing workers’ compensation claims.


List of Fuqra-Linked Workers’ Compensation Claims in Colorado


Map of Trout Creek Pass near Buena Vista, CO, where the 101-acre Fuqra terrorist camp was located.


Investigative file into workers’ compensation fraud by Fuqra operative Vincente R. Pierre


Document signed by Vincente R. Pierre