Category: Ali Abdelaziz, Former NYPD/FBI Informant & UFC Manager

9. Ali Abdelaziz Becomes Confidential Informant 184 to Spy on MOA

Ali Abdelaziz was an informant for the NYPD and FBI for seven years, from 2003 to 2010. Two of those years were spent living at MOA’s “Islamberg” headquarters in Hancock, New York. The NYPD codenamed him “Dolphin,” inspired by the sound of his voice, and the FBI codenamed him “Tap Out,” referring to his submission losses […]

8. MOA Raises National Security Alarm Bells

Abdelaziz’s service as an informant came at a time when MOA’s history and ongoing activities were setting off alarm bells within the U.S. government, especially after the 9/11 attacks. Few, if any, terrorist organizations are as well-positioned in America as MOA. MOA is the only Islamist extremist group with a network of remote “Islamic villages” […]

7. December 18, 2001: Ali Abdelaziz Arrested & Put on Trial

The Colorado Springs Police Department documents show that an arrest warrant for Ali Abdelaziz was issued on August 10, 2011 He was arrested on December 18, 2001 after he re-entered the U.S. using the identity of Robert Earl Britton and hid as a fugitive. Below is his booking photo: According to the Bureau of Prisons, […]

6. The Strange 9/11 Coincidence

One of the enduring mysteries (or strangely odd coincidences) of Ali Abdelaziz’s story is the revelation from Russell that Abdelaziz originally booked tickets to fly back to the U.S., from Cairo to New York, on September 11, 2001.  The flight was booked using the name of Robert Britton. The flight was cancelled due to the […]

4. Abdelaziz’s Associates in Colorado

Tabari Malik Zahir Multiple former and current MOA associates told us they first became aware of Abdelaziz and his cousin (presumably meaning Mohammad Hassan) through a well-known MOA drug trafficker named Tabari Malik Zahir. Here is a copy of Zahir’s ID card from 1991 for the Quranic Open University, the “academic” branch of MOA. His […]

3. The Police Come Onto Ali’s Trail

Public records and source testimony show that Abdelaziz lived in New York in 1996. One MOA-affiliated source places him at a radical mosque in Brooklyn named Masjid at-Taqwa, led by a powerful extremist cleric named Siraj Wahhaj. The mosque is sometimes attended by MOA members. The records also show that Abdelaziz then lived in Georgia, […]

2. MOA’s Colorado Branch and the Olympic Training Center

The Colorado branch of MOA has been involved in the group’s biggest terrorist plots and crimes. MOA even once had a 101-acre terrorist training camp that was searched by the authorities and shut down in 1992. The branch used to be led by convicted MOA terrorist James D. Williams. He successfully hid from the authorities […]

1. Arrival in the U.S. and Entry into MOA

Ali Abdelaziz has used a wide variety of alternate names and a variety of spellings and orderings of those names.  He fought under the name of “Ali Ibrahim.” His student record from Egypt identifies him as Alaa Ragb Farig Abdel Aziz Ahmed. His name on other documents is some version of Alaa’eldin Ragb Fekry Abdelaziz, […]