Category: Ali Abdelaziz, Former NYPD/FBI Informant & UFC Manager

18. The Spy Game Comes to an End

As Ali Abdelaziz’s relationship with MOA became strained, so did his relationships with the NYPD and FBI. According to Enemies Within, the FBI’s skepticism of Abdelaziz grew after he was detained by the Egyptian authorities. The FBI pressured the NYPD into bringing him to a local FBI office to take a polygraph on April 8, […]

17. A Strained Relationship

Ali Abdelaziz’s relationship with MOA became increasingly strained, decreasing his effectiveness as an informant. MOA-affiliated sources say that many members in New York didn’t like him from the start and that his personality increasingly alienated people, even though Canadian members of MOA like Hussein Adams continued to covet his friendship. A major break happened when […]

16. Mission: MOA’s Overseas Operations

The U.S. government asked Abdelaziz to arrange the travel of MOA members to its overseas camps so they could identify who was traveling where. He claims that significant amounts of money were transferred to MOA through him for the purpose of setting up these camps so they could be monitored. “I was the guy that […]

15. The White Hawk Investigation Suddenly Ends

As frustration with the case grew, so did concern over the wisdom of a potential confrontation with MOA and its 22 or more “Islamic villages.” The group has an apocalyptic ideology. The group was preparing for the day when hostile authorities would raid their camps, which they had a divine command to resist. Fears of […]

14. Mission: Penetrate the Military Squad’s Training

The golden opportunity came when eight military squad members from six of MOA’s “Islamic villages” signed up for bodyguard classes held at a private facility in Virginia. They all purported to be employees of White Hawk Security International. They signed up for a series of classes, including ones for unarmed guards and instruction on arrest […]

13. White Hawk

Abdelaziz had an opportunity to infiltrate the military squad by becoming involved with one of its key fronts: White Hawk Security International Inc. The name was inspired by the spiritual significance of white hawks in Sufi Islamic teachings. A former MOA member said, “Whenever there was something resembling a white around around, people would stare […]

12. MOA’s “Military Squad” Raises Alarm

Ali Abdelaziz told Mawyer that MOA had decided to make its training more exclusive. The “mass military training” would be replaced with more exclusive training of those selected for a “military squad.” He explained: “It’s like a formed military squad. It’s certain groups. Certain individuals. Certain names. Certain guys. It’s a very, very select group […]

11. Mission: MOA’s Islamic Political Party of America

One of Abdelaziz’s key objectives was to gather intelligence on a supposedly “independent” political party that was actually a front for MOA named the Islamic Political Party of America (IPPA). Officials involved in the front would meet in his apartment in Binghamton, which the NYPD covertly paid for.  Although the IPPA publicly said its headquarters […]

10. Wedding at Islamberg

Ali Abdelaziz’s effort to gain access went so far as to marry an underage girl at Islamberg. Arranged and underage marriages had a long history within MOA, with Sheikh Gilani setting the example by marrying an American teenager. In 2005, Abdelaziz married Hajra Abdullah-Simonds, also known as “Fatima.” Her father and brother were high-ranking MOA […]